10 Most Popular Cat Types in the World

For you cat lovers, you must know that the cat is the most beautiful animal in the world. Cats have coexisted with humans about 9,500 years and this is also one of the most popular pets in the world.

The cat is very pleasant, kind and includes animals that are considered safe because it does not endanger the children. Most people choose a cat because of the beauty of the fur, the goodness of its characteristics and unique characteristics and interesting so it is appropriate and appropriate to be made in pets. Here are the most popular types of cats in the world that you need to know.


1.Persian cat

Persian cat is characterized by round face, nose pug, short legs and has long hair. Persian cat is rated as the most popular type of cat in the world because it has a sense of affection and loyalty. One of the world’s oldest cats is from Persia (Iran). This cat was first cultivated by English breeders, then American ranchers after World War II. Although Persian cats have high maintenance costs and need daily care. Generally Persian cats are divided into various types, such as Persian Peaknose, Persian Flatnose, Persian Himalaya and Persian Medium. And for Persian cat food, they are more suitable to consume dry and wet foods that are generally sold in specialty stores.


2. Siamese cat (Siamese)

This is one of the offspring of oriental cat. The origins of the breed are unknown but are believed to originate from Southeast Asia. Siamese cat has an elegant body, slender, flexible and looks muscular. The head is triangular with a thin nose. The eyes tend to be almond shaped. Short hair, shiny, smooth, soft, tight and attached to the body.Siamese cats always want to be the center of attention, they want to be treated. This cat is very communicative, meowing in a soft voice just to get attention. They tend to be noisy and can cry if you ignore them. They have a sleek and athletic body with large ears. They are short haired and very happy to be stroked. They are very loyal and only close to one person that is his master. This animal is also very intelligent and full of affection.


3. Maine Coon Cat

This is the oldest cat type in the world, this type of cat is from Maine (United States). Historically, this group of cats has offspring of the Anggora race cat and the Norwegian Forest race. Maine Coon is recorded with a large body structure, rectangular body shape. The average male body weight reaches 12-18 kilograms and the female is usually 10-14 kilograms. They are strong but gentle and loving. They have long hair but do not need as much Persian treatment. Their personality is quite good and will make you very safe when near the children. They are also very loyal to the employer’s family.


4. Abyssinian cat

This is one of the oldest cat groups in the world. Many sources say the origin of these cats are in the vicinity of Egypt and has lived in the days of the Egyptian kingdom. Group of cats of this type have high enough intelligence. Abyssinian is very happy to be around humans. They always wanted to know what his employer was doing. In addition, this cat race is also easy to train to do everything.Abyssinian is a medium-sized, slim and elegant cat with short hair. Abyssinian legs are long so if they are walking look very graceful. The abyssinian head has a triangular head shape with slightly rounded corners. One characteristic of this cat is also found in the pattern of the color of the spots that are often called Agicki Ticket.


5. Ragdoll Cat

This is one pet pet with a strong body and has a proportional leg. They have great hip traits. Ragdoll cats have a pretty good personality among other cats. Ragdoll has a soft voice, friendly, spoiled, does not like to bother anyone and likes to play (active). Ragdoll cat is very easy to train to play as a friend. They will not defend themselves if other animals attack them.


6. Savannah Cat

This is one of the largest pet cats in the world, this cat is a hybrid cat race produced from a wild cats serval cats (from mainland Africa) with Siamese, Bengal and Egyptian cats. Savannah also has a record in the world for being crowned the longest cat race by Guinness World Records with a length of 17.1 inches (44 CM). They’re one of the smartest cats, often learning how to open cupboard doors and anyone who maintains Savannah will probably need to take special precautions to prevent the cat from unwanted things. Savannah includes cats who are not afraid of water because they will play or even immerse themselves in water.


7. Manx cat

This includes one of the world’s most expensive cat races because it has a difference in the size of its tail, Manx has a tail shorter than other cat races. Manx’s back legs are longer than the front legs and these cats have different color variations but only very rare white ones are found.


8. Angora Cats

Angora has physical features in the nose of a sharp nose and body shape so that this cat has characteristics that are really extraordinary and very graceful when walking and doing other activities. This type of cat is strongly suspected originated from Turkey, because according to its name is called Angora which comes from a city name in Turkey (Angkara). For the price of “authentic” Angora cat can reach $ 15,000 in the form of good quality and certified.


9. Garfield cat

These cats generally have almost the same physical features as the Persian race, but the difference between the two cats is on the Garfield cat fur is very exotic because shorter (American Shortair race). The Garfield cat is characterized by a more pugnacious nose, short fur, wide forehead and large round eyes.


10. Sphynx Cat

Behind his frightening face and physical form, it turns out the Sphynx has a very friendly, gentle and likes to seek the attention of his master. This cat is very easy to be familiar with humans and other pets, including dogs though. Sphynx Cat is an active cat and very fond of playing. Because it has short feathers, the Sphynx should not be exposed to the sun too long. Sphynx is a cat with a price tag that is very expensive.


Okay until here first yes, hopefully the article above is useful for those of you who want to keep the cat.

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