10 Types of Ornamental Sea Fish that are easy to maintain

It’s nice not to keep aquarium ornamental fish in the aquarium? The shapes and colors are funny even the sea water fish are known to be more aggressive.

When compared with some types of freshwater fish, saltwater fish more varied colors and shapes.

Maintaining marine ornamental fish is not easy, it takes extra care than freshwater ornamental fish. If you have not previously maintained marine ornamental fish, it is better to start by maintaining a fish that is categorized as a beginner.

Because it is very clear, marine ornamental fish is much different from freshwater ornamental fish. Usually freshwater ornamental fish with easy to get water which every day we all use fresh water.

But if marine ornamental fish is much more difficult, because they can not live in fresh water, they can not adapt to their environment. Not only that, maintaining sea water fish also requires a larger aquarium and need to change water regularly to keep it clean.


1. Sea Water Ornamental Watchman Gobies

Ornamental Fish Watchman Gobies with its scientific name Cryptocentrus. The fish is famous for several patterns, but the famous pattern is Bluspotted and Pink Spotted Watchman Gobies.Watchman Gobies is an aggressive fish and one of a number of saltwater ornamental fish species suitable for beginners who want to maintain, because this marine ornamental fish has a strong endurance and ability to swim.Staple food for ornamental fish Watchman Gobies usually eat small shrimp.


2. Sea Ornamental Fish Angelfish

Angelfish is a fish that has a scientific name Pomancanthidae. The fish has wide flattening which has become its special feature. Lots of patterns for this type of marine ornamental fish.Almost all types have a special characteristic that is, the stripes on each side of the fish body.


3. Sea Ornamental Fish Blue Devil

The Blue Devil sea-water decorative fish has the scientific name of Paraplesiops Bleekeri. Is a fish that has aesthetic body, the name of the fish is not as grotesque.The body is not too big, no need to use a super aquarium because the average species of this fish tend to be slim and small with a blue color on the body spots white.It is good if you want to keep the saltwater fish Blue Devil give some coral ornaments in the aquarium, because the original habitat of this fish like to swim among the reefs.


4. Sea Ornamental Fish Botana Blue Tang

Paracanthurus Hepatus is the scientific name of the sea fish Botana Blue Tang sea. Blue Tang is more famous by the name of Botana by fish lovers in Indonesia.This fish has many types, including Botana blue, Botana mattress and Botana glasses. Botana fish is a fish character named “Dory” in the movie “Finding Nemo”, if you ever watch it would know.


5. Yellow Tang Water Ornamental Fish

Still in the Tang family, the Yellow Tang which is a type of fish suitable for beginners to maintain saltwater ornamental fish as decorating the room.In its scientific name Yellow Tang has the name Zebrasoma Flavenscens and in the pang family is the most active yana type of move.


6. Sea Ornamental Fish Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra has the scientific name of Paracheirodon Innesi and its many habitats are living in colombian and peru areas.Neon Tetra is a fish known for its uniqueness of a blue colored blue ribbon resembling a neon light on the back of the body to the near eye.


7.The Clownfish Clownfish Clownfish

Who does not know Clownfish Clown fish? This fish is the main character in the movie “Finding Nemo”. This type of marine ornamental fish has a scientific name Amphiprioninae.Many do not know why the ornamental fish are nicknamed clown fish, probably because its color resembles a clown costume.This cute fish is very happy to hide among the coral reefs, so if you want to keep the saltwater fish Clownfish must provide coral in aqurium, so that these fish feel are in their habitat.


8. Sea Fish Ornamental Lion Fish

Lion Fish is a marine ornamental fish included in the family Scorpaenidae which has a scientific name Pterois. This fish has its ornaments in the form of a thorn.It should be noted to be more selective any fish that can be mixed in one aquarium, because fish food Lion Fish slightly different from other saltwater fish food.


9. Sea Decorative Water Ornamental Dottyback

Dottyback ornamental fish is a fish that lives in the marine waters of the tropics and sub trops indo pacific famous coral reefs are very abundant.Pseudochromidae is the scientific name of the Dottyback saltwater fish. Because the habitat is abundant in Indonesian marine waters, so it is highly recommended to keep this fish in your home aquarium.


10. Ornamental Fish Water Butterfly Fish

Butterfly Fish has a scientific name is Chaetodontidae which has a great habitat in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. This fish is very easy to maintain, therefore it is highly recommended for beginners who want to maintain saltwater ornamental fish.With its striped shape and pattern almost like a butterfly wing, it is called Butterfly Fish.It would be very beautiful fish charm if used as a decoration room in a large aquarium so that fish can swim freely.


So little information about marine ornamental fish that is easy to maintain. Hopefully can increase knowledge for ornamental fish lovers who want to try new things.

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