17 ways to tame the Sugar Glider for beginners

Sugar gliders are one type of pet that requires effort enough extra so he can tame it with its owner. The key to Taming the sugar gliders, inevitably is our patience because the process of Taming it could take until a matter of weeks maybe even months.

Domestication usually also called bonding. Bonding means are bound, meaning that sugar gliders are already having a strong follow-up on its owner. For example, sugar gliders come when called, always jump on the owner if he is a long way from its owner, memorized with body odor and its owner never crabbing (sound like a trumpet) when held or taken to any by the owner.

Sugar gliders are benign means the sugar gliders will no longer be the bite or jump and run off when approached by the owner. The problem of Taming this inevitably is also closely related to when you tame it and the age you have sugar gliders. In General of course faster and easier to do how to tame the sugar glider sugar gliders on the young who are usually called sugar gliders joeys with one and a half to two months. Meanwhile sugar gliders are three months old and above tend to be more difficult for domesticated because older and more experience in the outside world. But by no means could not be tamed.

Then how do I tame the sugar gliders that you can do to tame the sugar gliders that you keep current? Here are some ways to tame sugar gliders that you can do from now on as well.


1. Invites play every day

One way to tame the beast of this one is with the way he plays every day after he rather tame you. With him playing every day and being petted gently you can accelerate the taming sugar gliders that you have.


2. Feeding by hand or handfeed

The next step to tame the sugar gliders that you have is with how to feed him by hand or do handfeed. You need to do this so that the sugar gliders can put their trust in thee. With helping him eat, you can gain the trust of sugar glider easily and quickly.

If you recently bought sugar gliders, it’s good if you silence him first in a cage for a little over three days so that he could adapt to the new environment and there is no need in handfeed beforehand. When three days pass, if it is, is now starting to tame the handfeed way sugar gliders.

Do handfeed with slowly, don’t do handfeed quickly because it complicates your sugar gliders. So he like to eat, limit each bribe with just a small portion, about two to three spoons of porridge. Do this every day or bribery afternoon Yes. Crabbing with nothing to fear, because you can resolve it by means of slurry with finger pokes right then give it to her mouth slowly. Do with the finger positions reversed, i.e. the position of your finger nail under in order to be safe from the bite.

Never pull your hand when he suddenly crabbing, because it will only make it memorized how to kick you when he doesn’t want no feeding.


3. Put the cage in a place bypassed by many people

The next step that you can do so that your familiar quick sugar gliders and benign is by putting a crate in a place that is often bypassed by people. This needs to be done to get sugar gliders with human presence around the environment. Logically, the more sugar glider see humans, it will be the sooner she gets used and are not afraid of humans. But you have to make sure that people are passing around the enclosure does not interfere with sugar gliders such as the in the inflatable, startle, shake the cage, etc. Don’t get distracted by the presence of the cage also of animal to another.


4. Make it memorized with the sweat of your body new

How to tame the next sugar gliders is in a way making it memorized with body odor or sweat that is owned by the owner or in your shirt with your own body odor. This needs to be done because sugar gliders including the territorial marking territory or something he was familiar with the smell.

How so he can quickly memorized by your body odor? There are some things that you can do. The first is in a way putting clothes or other fabric that has the odor of sweat during the process of Taming it into the cage. Doing so will make the sugar gliders easy to kiss her and make the process of Taming sugar gliders can do quickly because it can get used to the smell of sweat or body odor you without needing to do a particular activity.

Don’t forget to replace the thrift or cloth that is used more than one time per day, so as not to grow bacteria and fungus on your shirt. In addition, you also get to familiarize him with the smell of you in a way always bring it everywhere with the cage, so she will not be able to run and will always smell you when you took it.


5. Choose the right time to tame

Taming the sugar gliders need having thorough preparation. One of the things that you can do is by selecting the time of domestication in the daytime. Why is the time during the day? It needs to be done because that’s when it’s usually sugar gliders are tired and sleepy, so the sugar glider will be more inclined to silence and sleep. When ever she bite, his strength would not be the same as the power of their bite at the time in the evening. Sugar gliders can be so even you will not be aware of this when you make him sleep in your arms.

Do the taming at night can also, it’s just more difficult because sugar gliders are usually more active. Timing is key in maintaining a sugar glider.


6. Make it have a habit

Sugar gliders including animals that have a high memory. You can train it and get used to a particular action on your sugar gliders. For example, get used to insert himself into the bag of clothes, then long at will be familiar with such activities. In addition, when he often surprised right, eventually he will not easily shocked, shocked by the terms he’s been a little more benign. Try to often hold it by hand, so that eventually he will dwell on the hand.


7. Approach on sugar gliders

Taming the sugar gliders, absolute way should by doing approach. Like saying, do not know it was a shame, a shame to be so you need to be able to make it to know yourself slowly. The trick is quite simple, it only takes determination and patience.

If you recently bought sugar gliders, so it’s good you silence him for two to three days in advance so that the sugar gliders that you buy can adapt to new environments. After she is adapting at a glance, you can approach by way of caressing his head slowly even though he was crabbing. Don’t be afraid when it happened, the remains being petted because the more you fear she will increasingly regard you as the enemy. Don’t forget to put the cage in place of the much-traveled by humans, such as doors, kitchen, living room or impurity, especially on the part that often you are going through so that he could more quickly acquainted with human activity.

But do not let people passing around the cage even scare SG, whether it’s with the shake the cage, interfere with or in shock, if it’s done precisely and in fact will make it increasingly afraid of humans.


8. Often bite the right fingers to their mouth

How to tame the sugar gliders is the next in a manner often bite the fingers of yours right into his mouth. In this way, it’s more extreme and requires guts as well as having to bear. But many people who do it this way to tame their sugar gliders. The trick is quite simple, you just need a grasping sugar gliders with the right hand or the other, on the part of the neck to the body of the position of the thumb of the hand under the neck of the sugar gliders with tightly so she wasn’t easy. After that sign with your hand thumb position under the nails (nails facing the bottom mouth of sugar gliders) and hold until approximately two to three minutes. Do this while in a small inflatable and repeated every day at least two hours, then within the next few days he could tame. But of course this is also influenced by many things like the age of sugar gliders etc.


9. Put the used clothes at home

As has been said previously, sugar gliders is a territorial animal that marks his realm with smells. To speed up the process of domestication and you can put your clothes in the cage sugar gliders so that he would know us as ‘ the master ‘ over the area and became its owner. When needed you can use clothing that wears out and smelling sweat so that it smells stronger.

In addition, you can also make the bedding sugar gliders with the clothes that you have so that he could always smell we all the time. Don’t forget to replace the thrift that you use every day to avoid moldy and instead bring the disease to her.


10. Give the names on sugar gliders and often calls him

Steps to tame the sugar gliders next that you can try is by giving him frequent name-often called him by that name so he memorized with the name granting you and finally figure out that you are the person frequently called him by that name.


Other Way

In addition to the ten steps above, other steps that you can use as a way of Taming the sugar gliders are as follows.

o bathe the sugar gliders with wet wipes

o consistently tame the sugar gliders

o Getting sugar gliders with grips your hand

o Invite sugar gliders often streets

o choose the time Taming in accordance with the custom of sugar gliders

o Getting sugar gliders with reverse hand techniques

o Recognize sugar gliders in order to find which one is best to tame it.


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