40 Most Popular Breed of Dog that is Much Preferred Dog Lovers from Around The World

The Type Of The Current Most Popular Dog Complete With Picture, | Various kinds of dogs can be found in various parts of the Earth with physical uniqueness and character. The dog is also known as a very devoted animals with their owners so as to become one of the most popular pets at this time. Then, what are some dog breeds that are popular and widely favored by dog lovers from all over the world today? Here is the complete description.


1. Types of Dogs Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher dog breed is derived from Germany and is known as one of the oldest toy dog breeds in the world, to be precise since the year 1600 ‘s. Though frequently used in hunting rodensia, the Affenpinscher is currently more being made as pets at home for having a friendly nature, friendly and not aggressive.

In terms of physical size, this dog has medium and thick fur and have rough-textured in his whole body.


2. Types of Dogs Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a dog breed that originated from Afghanistan and are known to have a good hunting abilities. In fact, this dog breed has been around since 4000 years ago with the discovery of a painting in the cave that is similar to his physical form.

This dog breed has a very unique appearance, i.e. have a long head with hair that grows dense fur all over his body. In addition, the Afghan Hound has an active and aggressive character because it has a sleek body.


3. Types of Dogs Akita

Akita is a dog breed native to the country of Japan. In addition to having an appearance that adorable and friendly nature and friendly to human beings, it is also known dog breeds are intelligent and often included include in various contests race in the field of tracking, agility, and intelligence.

Unfortunately, race dogs that have the color Brown and white striped fur is very sensitive to different types of drugs, such as insecticides, vaccine, as well as a sedative (anesthesia).


4. Types of Dogs Alaskan Malamut

In terms of appearance, Alaskan Malamut is very similar to the Siberian Husky, even difficult to distinguish. New difference can be seen by his size. For that reason, dog breed that originated from Alaska, the United States is often utilized his energies as a towing sleds.

Alaskan Malamut is also known to have a character that is very friendly toward humans and easily adapt to their surroundings. However, because it has a thick fur, dog breeds it is hard enough to live in the tropical regions.


5. Types of Dogs American Alsatian

American Alsatian is a dog breed with a large body size and comes from the United States. Historically, this dog breed was first raised in by Lois Elaine Denny in 1967.

Physical traits are easy to spot from the American Alsatian is fuzz in the whole body that has black and yellow livery, Brown oval around his eyes. In addition, these dog breeds also have intelligence above the average dog and has an excellent sense of hearing.


6. Types of Dog American Bully

The American Bully is a result of mating-type dog Pitbull Cross and is the answer to the United States and European Community disquiet about her malignancy. Although it has many similarities with Pitbull, i.e. have the body fat and muscular, dog breeds are believed more friendly towards humans. Another uniqueness is the posture of the head that looks great and less proportionate compared to its body size.


7. Types of Dogs American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the oldest pure dog breeds has ever been found. Dog breeds that originated from the United States also has advantages in terms of his physical endurance, have perseverance, as well as a stable temperament. Because of the prominence of this dog breed is widely used as a dog fighter in ancient times.

But considering the current dog fighting is illegal, this time, the dog breeds that have a short and smooth fur is often used as a guard dog.


8. Azawakh dog breed

Azawakh is an ancient dog breeds that originated in the African continent, in the territory of the Sahara, North Africa. A very prominent characteristics of his performance is to have a posture tall and skinny, so these dogs a lot relying on speed in a variety of activities. In fact, dogs with an average weight of 17-25 kg and height 58-74 cm is capable of running at speeds reaching 64 km/h.

Other characteristics that are owned by the Azawakh is very independent but sensitive to cold temperatures.


9. Type of Dog Barbet

Barbet is the most ancient dog breeds that originated in France. His physical characteristics any more or less the same as the closest relatives, Poodle, which has a very thick fur like a thread of wool. This is necessary to protect it from cold temperatures in the region of origin. In addition, this dog breed has two color variations, which is Brown and black.

Barbet has characters that are active, adaptable, and very friendly toward humans. It is no wonder if this many dog breeds are maintained by the dog lovers around the world.


10. Dog breed Basenji

Basenji comes from the region of Central Africa, in the Countries of the Congo. This dog breed is also known as one of the oldest dog breeds that still exists to this day.

In terms of its physical, a small body has a Basenji with ears erect and short tail. Even his appearance is often likened as small deer because match posture and color. In addition, these dog breeds are categorized as taciturn and rarely barks but fairly friendly to humans.


11. Dog breed Basset Hound

Basset Hound has a unique physical characteristics, i.e., short legs, long ears hanging down, and had a facial that always look sad. Dog breed originated in France and is a close relative of Saint Hubert Hound dog breeds.

The color of the fur itself is dominated by white and Brown. In addition, the Basset Hound has a good sense of smell and are known to have loyal, independent, and very friendly.


12. Types of Beagle Dogs

Although it has a very small body size and appearance are adorable, never doubt instinctual hunted it. Dog breeds that originated in the plains of the United Kingdom this is known to have a very good sense of smell and is often utilized in hunting small animals such as rabbits.

Have a small body size, that is, with a height of about 25-28 cm and a weight of 7-11 kg, Beagle is known with its passive but obedient towards their owners and very friendly with humans. The color of the feathers themselves are dominated by three colours, namely black, Brown, and white.


13. Type of Bearded Collie Dog

Bearded Collie dog race of herdsman is at once a pet dog breeds come from Scotland. True to its name, this dog breed has a very long silky fur on the whole body. In fact, part of his eye became visible because of the length of its fur.

Although it has a sad face, the look is actually a Bearded Collie is a dog breed that is very energetic and very easy to socialize with anyone. These dogs are also intelligent and easily trained for various purposes.


14. Dog breeds Bedlington Terrier

The name was taken from a remote village in the northern part of the United Kingdom. His physical characteristics can be seen with thick curly fur that covered his whole body with an enormous variety of colors, ranging from white to Brown. Medium size also felt fit to be kept in the home as well as supported by its active and very friendly.


15. the Belgian Malinois dog breed

The Belgian Malinois is a dog breed that originated in Belgium and is best known as one of the members of the dog pastoralists. In passing, this dog breed is very similar to the German Shepherd. However, the pattern of the color of his fur look even paler with a slightly smaller size.

It is also known dog breeds have traits that gallant and loyal to their owners. In addition, these dogs are also often used as a hunting animal because it has a very good sense of smell.


16. Old Bichon Frise dog breed

Old Bichon Frise, also known as old Bichon Frise, is one of the four old Bichon dog breeds the international counterpart of the country Spain. This dog breed has a small body with a white-colored feathers and sometimes painted beige. His fur is very dense and smooth like a thread of wool.

In terms of character, old Bichon Frise very agile and obedient toward their owners. In addition, it is also supported by its own intelligence so that this dog breeds are often included in a variety of event submission.


17. Old Bichon Dog Type Havanes

As with some of his closest relatives, old Bichon Frise, old Bichon Havanes, also known as old Bichon Habanero has the adorable appearance. Dog breeds that originated in the Mediterranean region has a predominance of white fur with a black pattern on the head.

Old Bichon has a double layer of fleece Havanes with a light texture that makes it easy to race this dog to protect her from the warm temperatures. His fur was not easy to fall out so very easily in her treatment.


18. Border Terrier dog breed

Just like Beagle, Border Terrier is a dog breed of hunters with its small body size. Dog breeds that originated in the borders of Scotland and the United Kingdom would only have an average height of 25 cm and weighs 5-8 kg. Fur itself has a double layer with a pattern of reddish-brown color and texture of the rough so it makes this dog breeds are resistant to cold temperatures.

In addition to having a good hunting abilities, Border Terriers are also known to have an active movement and easy to adapt to its environment.


19. Boston Terrier dog breed

True to its name, this dog breed comes from the Boston area, United States. These dogs also have a characteristic body fat with a round head shape and square-shaped snout. The color of his skin is dominated by black and white striped.

According to a variety of information, the Boston Terrier is very susceptible to heart disease. To that end, race dogs that have the character of quiet, passive, and shy this is strongly not recommended for exercise, especially during the day.


20. Dog breed Bouvier des Flandres

The Bouvier des Flandres is a dog breed that originated in Belgium with a fairly large body size, i.e. 58-68 cm tall and weights ranging from 27-51 kg.

Physical characteristics that can be seen are dense and long fur is black in the whole body. Although it looks adorable, unfortunately this dog breed is very easy to catch a disease, such as impaired reproductive tool, hip dysplasia, and abnormalities of the eyes like cataracts.


21. The Boxer dog breed

Boxer is a dog breed that originated in Germany and has a large and stout body. The color of his skin is dominated by Brown in colour with black and white pattern on the head and lower body.

The owner is strongly advised to take care of him properly because Boxer is known to have staying power against a disease that is bad enough. This dog breed is very easy to be stricken with various diseases, such as epilepsy, hypothyroidism, cancer, to aortic stenosis.


22. Type of Chihuahua

Chihuahua is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world with weights reaching only 3 kg only. However, the dog breed that originated in Mexico is very fierce against people who are not familiar. His physical appearance is very unique, where very short fur and even tend to be bald in some parts.

Unfortunately, the Chihuahua is easy for developing many diseases, especially epilepsy, which often becomes a spectre scary for this dog breed lovers.


23. Dog breed Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested has a very unique appearance, in which dog breed is present without feathers aside on the head, ears, and a little tail. True to its name, dog breed originated in China and have plain is quite high, i.e. in the range $1,300-$ 2,100 per tail.

Because it has fur that is very rarely with small-sized body, this dog belongs to difficult in terms of treatment. Owners should pay attention to the temperature and weather conditions in the environment so that these dogs are not susceptible to the disease.


24. Dog breed Dachshund

Dachshund dog breed is one of the hunters with their small body size. In fact, any body posture is quite unique, which have short legs but with a long body. This dog breeds also present in a variety of colors ranging from Brown, black, and beige.

In terms of personality, the Dachshund is an intelligent dog breeds and it is easy to be trained. In addition, these dog breeds are also very active and loyal to their owners.


25. Type of Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher, or simply called the Doberman, is one of a race of guard dog that is very popular around the world. This is because, the Doberman has a bold, smart and agile, making it easy to train it.

In addition, this capability is also supported by the posture of her body and athleticism. Her jet black fur color in the whole body as well as some Brown pattern on the area of the head and foot bottom adds the impression of her ferociously.


26. English Bulldog dog breed

English Bulldog, or commonly called just the Bulldog, is one of the oldest dog breeds with a pretty good fighting ability. This is supported by his fierce and muscular and has an aggressive nature and active. However, this dog breeds known to be very faithful to the owners and friendly to people he knew.


27. The type of Dog French Bulldog

Despite its name, the fact the French Bulldog dog breed was first raised in the region in Nottingham, United Kingdom around the 19th century. But given the United Kingdom at that time was experiencing the industrial revolution, then the development of dog breeds is then continued in the country of France.

The French Bulldog is a ‘ mini version ‘ of dog breeds Bulldog and have adorable appearance. This dog breed is also very easily cared for and smart enough to be trained various tricks of compliance.


28. German Shepherd Dog breed

German Shepherd, or more popularly known in Indonesia as a Herder, is a dog breed that is most sought after by dog lovers around the world. At first, these dog breeds are often used as dog pastoralists. But considering this dog breeds have good tracking ability, strong, agile, and backed with a proportional body, the German Shepherd is currently more widely used as a guard dog or dogs in the police force.


29. Golden Retriever dog breed

Who is not familiar with the Golden Retriever. His appearance and his cute and adorable makes many dog lovers love this dog breeds. At first, these dogs are often utilized as animal hunters, especially to hunt waterfowl. The name Golden golden color because of his own on his fur when exposed to sunlight.

In addition, the Golden Retriever is also known for his wit. This dog breed is very easy for a variety of purposes, such as rescue dogs, guide dogs, and even help the task of the police force.


30. Dog breed Hairless Khalla

Khalla is one of the Hairless dog breeds with the fewest amount of fur. At least, there are two types of Hairless dogs, among which is Hairless Khalla Khalla Grande that has long legs and body muscular and Hairless Khalla Medio who have shorter legs and adorable.

Another uniqueness that belongs to the dog breeds it is existence like a hair model Mohawk on the part of the head. Its uniqueness is similar to hair that is owned by a Chinese Crested dog breeds.


31. The type of Labrador Retriever

Has the appearance of an almost similar to his closest relatives, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever have color variations that are more diverse, such as white, black, yellow or brown. Dog breeds that originated from the United Kingdom are usually used as hunting dogs, although it has a friendly nature and can also be observed as a friend at home.

Unfortunately, the Labrador Retriever is quite vulnerable to attacks of the disease. Call it cataracts, dysplasia, to the problem on the elbows, hips, and knees.


32. The Maltese dog breed

The Maltese is a small size dog breeds and very adorable. His body was only has a maximum weight of 6 kg. Dog breeds it comes with dense fur and soft beautiful white and Brown in the whole body. In addition, dog breed that originated in Malta is known to have characters who were smart, friendly, and not aggressive.

Unfortunately, the Maltese are categorized as highly vulnerable to many kinds of diseases, such as flu or allergies.


33. The type of Dog Pekingese

Pekingese is the most popular dog breeds that originated in the plains of China. This dog breed is known to have a mini body size but tend to be muscular and strong enough. Other typical features that are easily seen is the appearance of a smooth fur that is long in the whole body. In addition, these dog breeds also known with its smart but a bit stubborn.

Unfortunately, the Pekingese is in need of a little extra care to avoid them from various diseases, such as cardiovascular disease to neurological.


34. The types of Dogs Pomeranian

Pomeranian is one of the Spitz dog breeds, which have a small body size. Because it has a smooth and thick fur all over his body, dog breeds originating from Germany and Poland are often referred to as dog Pom Pom.

Pomeranian is known to have an active nature and easy friendly with humans. However, as this type of Chihuahua, dog breed also has a temperament that is quite high, especially for people who are not well known.


35. Dog breed Poodle

Despite its adorable appearance with his curly fur, the Poodle is a very loyal dog breeds against the owner. In fact, this dog breed does not hesitate to protect its owners from various threats come. Poodle himself French and often utilized as animal hunters in the past.


36. Type of Rottweiler Dog

Rottweiler dog breed is one of the best in the world because it has a strong, brave, and very tough. In fact, dog breed that originated in Germany has the strongest bite in between races-other dog breeds. It is no wonder, these dogs are often used as police dogs.

Rottweiler has Jet Black fuzz around his body with Brown pattern on the top of the eye, chest, and lower leg.


37. The type of Dogs Shiba Inu

In terms of appearance, this dog breed has a passing resemblance to its relatives, Akita. However, the Shiba Inu is actually one of the Spitz dog breeds that were first raised in in Japan. Despite its small size, this dog breeds are often used in helping hunt rabbits or birds because it has active properties as well as a good sense of smell.

Shiba Inu is also known to have a friendly nature and very friendly, even to cats though. It is no wonder, many dog breeds are preserved and popular in his native place.


38. the Shih Tzu dog breed

Shih-Tzu is one of the oldest dog breeds that was first discovered in China. This dog has the look adorable with long feathers that cover the entire body. Fur itself has various colour schemes with a unique pattern for each tail.

Despite its small size, that is, with weights ranging from 4-8 kg, her appearance looks sturdy and known to be very agile and aggressive. In addition, the Shih Tzu is a dog breed that is smart and has a good emotions so it’s easy to train it.


39. The types of Dogs Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a dog breed which has a medium size with dense fur. This dog is one of the results of the intersecting nature with Wolf that makes his appearance in passing similar to carnivores. However, this dog has a friendly nature, even to strangers though.

In General, his appearance is dominated by white on the face and lower part of his body. As for the head up until the tail has a black or brown.


40. Airedale Terrier dog breed

Compared to other dog breeds Terrier, Airedale Terrier has the highest body. Historically, dog breed that originated in United Kingdom is often trained to hunt foxes, Mongoose, and otters. In fact, the age of her life is quite long, i.e. can reach the age of 14.

A very prominent physical characteristics of the Airedale Terrier is a curly black fur on the back and a light brown underparts, tail, and head. In addition, these dog breeds are also known with its nimble and brave.


That’s some of the most popular dog breeds in the world today. Each kind has a physical appearance and distinctive nature and distinguish one another. Before adopting one of the above types of dogs, it’s good to pay attention to its own advantages and disadvantages in order to anticipate the variety of possibilities that could happen.


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