5 How to care for a kitten Who was a child Without the parent

small indeed is not easy. This is due to taking care of kittens need attention is specifically different from its parent. Moreover, if a new born kitten or kid. Keep the kitten while it still has its mother belongs to more easily than a kitten without a parent. Let alone the kitten milk that still need to be obtained from its own. So it needs the attention of a really special to meet the food intake and health. Therefore, in this Times article we will discuss about how to keep the kitten without a parent easily.

How To Care For A Kitten Is Still Small

For those of you who love to keep the animals including cats are certainly not a hard thing to do. No doubt you’ll do how to care for a kitten who was a child happily without feeling weighed down one bit. As we know, the cat is not disgusting animals thus cats including a very cute animals are kept by each animal lovers in particular animals on this one. Well, for those of you who have a kitten in the House there are several easy ways to take care of a kitten like this:


1. Clean the Dirt around the Eyes

Usually the kitten is often sleeping, most of the time is spent just to sleep. It is reasonable if you frequently come across the dirt in the area of the eye. Well, now You do tasks ranging from small things in advance by cleaning up the dirt in the area his eyes slowly when the kitten wakes up. Simply dip the cotton swab in warm water, then slowly sweep on eye area until the dirt is gone.


2. provide Special Kitten Milk

How to care for young kittens next is by giving a diformulasi milk specifically for cats. Remember, do not give milk to humans because the content of lactose in milk formula for humans can damage the digestive tract in the cat itself. Indeed to do it this way you need not a little capital. How to care for a kitten without a stem through the giving of milk is quite easy. You simply set up a small container of milk and put warm water dissolved in it. Let the kitten drink slowly until it feels full and no longer want to drink milk.


3. Understand the sign of hungry Kittens

How to care for young kittens next is by understanding the sign that the kitten is still hungry. What is his mark? Yes, if your kitten sound a very loud means it’s a telltale sign that he is still hungry. For that, you can simply give it milk to Fain which are still hungry. If the current fed or milk still keep meowing then you could try moving the kitten to other places. This indicates that he does not feel comfortable to sleep. Then You move it to task the cat asleep slumbering.


4. Give special cat food

How to care for a kitten who was little other is by giving a special cat food such as Whiskas when the cat already grow. You can adjust the feeding with the age of the cat belongs to you.


5. Provide a sand box

In addition to take care of her by providing food for the Meow, then afterwards you can provide box contains sand as a place to dump the dirt the little one. You can use this type of sand that is specific to cats.


Well, that’s the 5 ways taking care of kittens that are still small easily until the cat grew up. Hopefully useful!

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