A Disease That Is Often Experienced On A Sugar Glider

Hellooo, what reportedly Sugar gliders Lovers?

This time I want to discuss what the heck’s disease often in natural Sugar gliders.

To be honest, until now my Sugar gliders at home, have never suffered from any disease, because I always treat them with loving, hahaha.

Well get on with it:



well this disease that is often experienced the Sugar Glider lovers, this diarrheal disease is less well on digestive Sugar gliders, usually a result of Wrong granting on food or drink.

Carefully! Prolonged diarrhea can lead to the death of the!

Therefore we should pay attention to the intake on our Sugar gliders, do not give origin in food or drink.



Hairloss is a disease of Sugar gliders that are marked with the loss of his fur on the body sugar gliders. Hairloss is usually caused by an inefficient provision of nutrition, stress, a dirty cage conditions.

His responses, we should frequently clean the occasional Sugar gliders at least 3 days once, I reply, I’m always clean it.



Foot Swelling on sugar gliders are usually caused by infections due to bacteria that get into the physical injuries in the leg or from a crack Nail Polish sugar gliders.

In the case of a severe swelling of the feet, sugar gliders are suffering from swollen feet would stress and self mutilation (take some yourself).



Causes of puffy eyes and runny on sugar gliders are usually due to a dirty cage conditions. A dirty cage conditions led to the entry of bacteria and fungi and germs into the eyes that causes watery eyes and the incidence of itching.

It can be fatal if then his eye scratched sugar gliders are itching. Injuries due to scratching on the eye will usually lead to blindness.

Therefore we must quickly take action if Our Sugar gliders suffers from this disease.

But a sore eye on Sugar gliders can still be treated, by giving him a special eye drops drugs for animals.



Cataract disease on sugar gliders is caused by too high fat intake in food and nutritional intake of sugar gliders are not balanced. The disease is characterized by the appearance of white spots in the eyes of sugar gliders. In the case of severe cataracts, eye sugar gliders can be completely white and the sugar glider will suffer blindness.

well.. in the case of cataracts this seems to me very difficult to treat it, but tips to prevent it the heck did I do too much feeding in the form of insects.



Hild leg paralysis is the lack of calcium and fospor diseases on sugar gliders.

Characteristics of sugar gliders are exposed to hild leg paralysis is usually characterized by a decrease in body weight, less appetite, less back and sugar gliders.

How to handle: by giving extra Vitamins to Sugar Glider who suffer from this disease.



the disease it’s arguably a less fatal diseases, but if kept could be left the heck, also Cuts the danger too much cause and effect, but the injuries that often occur due to injuries is marriage and fights.

  • wound on marriage, usually located on the top back of the female, the wound is not enough dangers, but should still be treated well!

  • Injuries caused by fights Fellow Sugar gliders, usually occurs because Sugar gliders never knew each other, it was directly mixed in one enclosure, need you guys remember because sugar gliders are animals who have power territory, if you continue to let Sugar gliders you guys kept fighting each other it could also cause death!


the first o. .. This article is useful for Sugar gliders lover who still do not know what the disease on sugar gliders.


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