Cat Asthma, As Well As Its Treatment

Various diseases of the cat and the handling is an important part of the knowledge that need to be understood at hobbyists cat. Common diseases found in cats include asthma, heart worm cat, feline calicivirus, feline immunodeficiency virus, feline infectious peritonitis, feline leukemia virus, feline acne, ringworm on cats, urinary tract disease the bottom section on cats, rabies, toksokariasis and toxoplasmosis.

Cat asthma, causes and treatment

Cat asthma allergic respiratory disease which is common in cats. The disease has affected the brain is at least 1% of all adult cats worldwide.

Cat asthma is chronic progressive disease that there was no cure. Symptoms commonly include wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and a potentially life-threatening bronchoconstriction. There is conjecture that the disease is becoming more common due to increased exposure to industrial pollutants.


Signs and symptoms of asthma cat

Cat asthma occur because there is inflammation of the lungs. During the attacks on the lungs, the lungs will thicken and narrow causing the cats it is hard to breathe. At the time of the case, there is mucus excreted by the lungs into the respiratory tract causing the cat coughing and wheezing.


The signs are clear that the cat is experiencing respiratory attacks are:

  • Cough
  • Wheezing
  • Sneezing
  • lip and gums change color to blue
  • Often squats with shoulders hunched and neck extended
  • Often open mouth breathing or gasping for air
  • mucous Choking foaming and overall weakness
  • decreased appetite/just eat a little
  • Cat looks weak
  • Cat lethargy


Study shows cats between the ages of 2-8 years have the greatest risk of respiratory illness. The vulnerability of pain also affected by physical condition based on race. Types of Siamese cats, Himalayan breeds and mixed breeds are more prone to asthma. Some studies also show that more females are exposed to cat asthma than male cats.


Treatment of asthma/breathlessness on cats

If your cat shows symptoms such as above, the best move is to bring the cat to the animal health clinic closest to you. If that happens is acute asthma emergency care then it may take until the crisis passed.

In conditions of acute asthma, delivery of oxygen therapy is helpful to address this issue including the granting of emergency medications to open the respiratory tract of cats. Constriction of respiratory organs are often accompanied by the presence of a swelling of the channel which will cause the vet give medication to reduce the swelling so that the cat can breathe normally.

Dispensing steroids and anti-inflammatory medications are highly recommended for treating asthma and shortness of breath in cats.

Usually, after the emergency passed, the vet will make a treatment plan in the future. For some cats, eliminate the cause of asthma is very necessary so that similar incidents do not recur in the future. This disease can be progressive in nature so that if your cat has a chronic bronchial problems, your veterinarian will suggest long-term medical therapy.


Cat asthma disease prevention

Home environment and change the layout so that the cat is not stricken with asthma or shortness of breath. In this case, avoid air fresheners, including exposure to cigarette smoke indoors, chemical sprays and excrement of cats that are too smooth.

At the same time to note the condition of the cat food. The reason could be that there are some foods that should be removed as ingredients that are added to some cat food or food tables.

Ask your veterinarian about proper food for your cat and help you in planning a long-term diet. In the case of chronic asthma, we should be ready to make a lifetime care cat affected asthma.

Keep in mind that asthma can relapse quickly and can cause the death of a cat which therefore needs to be treated.

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