Food And Drink Sugar Gliders

This time I want to discuss about what food is good for you, Sugar gliders because many beginners who are still confused to feed Sugar gliders.

OK, just Yes!

Mandatory food Sugar gliders are baby food, yogurt, honey, and for food like this you can buy it at the nearest supermarkets, fruits such as apples, bananas, papaya, grapes, melon, pear, watermelon, cherry, etc.

be a boiled egg (white), cheese, choose the high protein … a minimum of 30% and above to choose the basic ingredients of chicken and its low magnesium do not more than 0.01% of cause of kidney damage, and in its natural habitat, Sugar gliders Eat insects, so we can give him the insects such as crickets and Grubs small Insects, the granting of this It is recommended that not too often, for example two-three times a week, that’s enough.

and if you guys don’t want to bother in feeding Sugar gliders, you can feed them, with Sugar Glider food, this food was indeed fresh for Sugar gliders, ranging from Fish Snack, marshmelow etc, you can buy it at the online store providing special food Sugar gliders.

Because Sugar gliders that includes voters in terms of food (un-balanced diet), please be patient in drawing up the menu because food could have been today he hooked an Apple but not necessarily tomorrow he’s hooked, also different each animal.

Sugar gliders are also in need of a drink. Clean water must be provided throughout the day (recommended/mineral water that has been through the process of distillation) or fruit juice, and could be put in place to drink for the hamster (recommended also that there is no water so that his balls littering cages) or can put in a small container that weight so it’s not easy to spill upon sugar gliders tinkering.

We could also be preparing Drinks Sugar gliders so that she doesn’t get bored, I often blend the water with honey, in addition to not get bored of it serves also for durability body Sugar gliders so as not to ease the pain.

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