Food Fish Dori / Dory / Blue Tang In the Wild

Dori / dory / Blue Tang fish is one species of marine fish which has a very striking blue color with black alloy on the back and the yellow tail, dori fish usually made as aquarium pet fish due to the color of beautiful and striking, along with the development of this fish began ogled as a fresh food and usually in production in the form of fillets. The price of dori fish fillets in the market today is quite expensive to sell in the market so that this fish business ogled by them as a business opportunity.

Certainly you often ask what is actually dori fish food in the wild, because these fish are very rare and minimal information about these fish, dori fish themselves in the wild classified as omnivorous fish where in addition to eating plants also eat meat. Dori fish food itself in the wild form of Algae, Plankton, small shrimp and also worms, for those who maintain it in the aquarium as marine ornamental fish is usually given in the form of shrimp frozen in chopped small and also frozen worms that can easily be in at the fish feed shop around you.


In maintaining dori fish is usually the hobbyist will provide algae feed if the fish is still small and after adulthood and size has started large then the feed will be replaced with frozen shrimp feed and frozen worms, but occasionally given algae as a complement to the fish is not short of nutrients needed.


Dori fish itself does not include a savage fish, therefore the fish is suitable in the groceries or in place in one aquarium with other marine fish. For the price of this fish is classified as medium and different also the price in certain areas if to keep, but if the fish is sold in the form of frozen fillet is very expensive but it tastes no less delicious with other marine fish.

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