How To Cut Nail Sugar Gliders

This time I want to give to you guys, tips on how to cut nail Sugar gliders. that is good and right, because there are still many beginners who still do not understand about how to cut nail Sugar gliders.

OK, directly to its core.


First you have to Prepare is a Pouch, fabric/Socks.

If my personal hell I use Pouch, because it is more simple, the next step you must provide nail clippers, remember! nail clippers should be sharp.


The next step you have to enter his Sugar gliders into the Pouch, it is done so that Sugar gliders are quiet/not bite at a time when the process of cutting the nails. Then, remove the Hands/feet and cut his Nails one by one.


Oh yes, cut the tips of the nails, Yes, not too deep, because it could result in bleeding/wounds, bloody well if/Wound treatment immediately as soon as possible to avoid infection.

well, at the foot of the back of the Sugar gliders, it there are 2 fingers and nails which attached (glued) to this section that you guys don’t need to cut it, because it’s not too thick and pungent.

Thanks Already stopped by and read!


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