How To Distinguish The Sexes Sugar Gliders

 This time I want to discuss about how the heck how to differentiate the sexes Sugar gliders.

Straight to the point, the image below is the most fundamental thing in distinguishing the sex of Sugar gliders:

how, I’ve understand? or still confused?

Okay I am directly apparent in again yes.


Male Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders do not have pockets in his body and had Fruit phallus under his body, like you see in the image above.

At the age of about 4-5 months male sugar gliders will undergo physical changes at the head of the upper part will experience baldness. The more mature age then the sugar gliders will have bald heads are becoming clear.


Sugar Glider Females

The most fundamental characteristic for certain namely female sugar gliders have pockets in his body, like you see in the image above.

The SAC on the female sugar gliders this functions the same as the SAC on a kangaroo that is to care for her children.

The son of Sugar gliders will be more or less in the bag for one and a half months. Sugar gliders are children still in the pouch of the term IP (In Pouch) then comes out of the SAC he called OOP (Out Of Pouch).

how, it’s been in the know?

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