How to inflate a scattered through Sugar gliders

Breed Sugar gliders were easy-easy hard and could not be enforced, well here I want to share a personal experience in the way of expanding breed sugar gliders.

just Yes!



First of all we prepare Sugar gliders are males and females that are ready production. How to order? Mark sugar gliders are ready and mature production of its organs can be seen from some of the following characteristics:

For female sugar gliders are usually older than 5 months (older nicer).

For males 7 monthly. There is also already prepared under that, but for better results I suggest use Sugar gliders are already old enough (7 months upwards).



After that just blend Sugar Glider in one cage. eittts! do not just put together yes can – can later fight! how to unite Sugar Glider is to insert a female Sugar Glider into Pouch, then input Pouch containing Sugar Glider females into the cage of the males, Let them know each other, if you feel No new resistance you can unite the two, but still you need monitor it!

well if you feel okay, later also they will mate by itself without us order.

Sugar Glider will contain after about 2 weeks after marriage. Signs of sugar glider pregnant? I find it hard to see because of the small size of the child.



After 2 weeks after Mating, Sugar gliders will normally be IP (In Pouch) process is a child (joey) newly Born from the womb of its mother immediately entered into the pouch, IP is characterized by Dilated pouches of the female and the female Look frequent licking of her pouch. well this IP needs a very long time, Less – over two months.

at the time of the IP process Intake for the mother should also be maintained, starting from the granting of vitamins and proteins that are balanced, so that the mother does not eat his Joey (son).

Oh Yes … So that the parent does not stress Yes! because if he is little Stress he can riject (Abandon) Joey, this could result in death.



Well … After going through the process of IP, it was time The Joey are in a pouch, will start out of the pouch, because it won’t fit anymore in the pouch.

Oh yes, the State of the new Joey OOP is still not able to do anything, Yes, she is still guarded and suckle on its parent.

Typically, 10 days after the OOP hell Joey will start open her eyes for the first time, and have already started to crawl.

After a little over a month the Joey could already walk around there (haven’t been able to jump) and usually at this age they are able to eat on its own, but nonetheless still not be separated with his parent, because it is still sucking.

around the age of one and a half months more the new Joey can be split with her mother, because usually the Parent have started Mating again.


well, it all is how to inflate scattered through Sugar gliders, which I personally already often do.

pretty up here first Yes discussion, may be useful.


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