How To Tame The Sugar Gliders

This time I want to share my experience in Defusing Sugar gliders.

Many beginners who are still confused as to why his Sugar gliders are still Ferociously (bite), and not understand how the heck how to tame it, I actually tame Sugar gliders it’s easy – easy is difficult and requires a patience process/very beginner, loads of extra give up and finally opted to sell his sugar gliders again because never benign.

actually if you guys want a Sugar gliders are instantly Tame it is very easy, you only need to purchase Sugar gliders are still Joey (chicks Sugar gliders) age about 1 1/2 months.

But what about the rest of you already bought Sugar gliders who was arguably already mature?

well here I will share my personal experiences in a tips to tame Sugar gliders.



Why? because, that intention is beginning in you guys to do something, you have to be really diligent and painstaking in Taming the Sugar gliders you guys, due in the taming process that takes Sugar gliders, one Day a week, even benign, straight up months could Tame.

2. Interaction

well here you guys should really often interact with Sugar gliders, for example by referring to their main in closed room (free room), stroking the head and neck, and more Interaction that can make Sugar gliders you guys quickly Tame.


Sugar gliders have a high memory, they can be trained and get used to an action that you want, for example entering into a habit, then dress your Sugar gliders gradually will be automatically entered into your own clothes, Often in shock right He eventually did not like shock, often in a cell in hand he gradually will dwell on the hand, etc.


hand feeds is the way you guys feed Sugar gliders with the use of hand/finger you, because with Hands feed Sugar gliders would have thought if we were not dangerous for them.

Seems pretty up here first time well, discuss about how to Tame his SUGAR GLIDERS.

Once again I remind, that Sugar gliders need taming process, we can not force them create the same Benign us, because Sugar gliders also have the characteristics of each as well as a human-like.

OK, I hope this article was helpful and good luck!

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