Tips Before Buying a Sugar Glider

Still confused, what you guys need to prepare if you want to buy a Sugar Glider? Here I would like to tell you guys anything tips before buying a Sugar Glider.



Keep the Sugar gliders that need high commitment.

Do some research first before deciding to adopt the Sugar Glider Sugar gliders, because was a social animal who needs a friend.

Keep/Adopting Sugar gliders are not only provides food and drinks in the cage then you can leave well enough alone. the TAIL WOULD BE KEPT?

It is recommended to adopt at least a pair.

But when insufficient financial, adopted a also does nothing

As long as often invites interaction or handle his Sugar gliders

And if at a later date have sustenance anymore, immediately give Sugar gliders for your spouse.

because as a living thing, they still need a partner to interact their sex and breed, for beginners it is recommended to adopt from joey (chicks). Because it will be easier later on in the process of bonding. Because joey (saplings) still need our help.

Besides joey (saplings) more easily in her treatment and easier the process of bonding

3.What AGE?

Minimum age is 1.5 months to 2 months OOP (out of pouch) or out of the pouch.

At this age, the process of bonding would be easier as compared to adult.

But adopting the adult is also not a sin or forbidden.

Adult adopt advantages is, they’ve been ready kimpoi (Mating), compared to a still Adopt joey of course still need a long time to produce offspring.

4.where to BUY IT?

I want to explain about the term WC (wild caught) and CB (captive breed)

The WC is an animal that is obtained from the wild with a catch it from the forest.

CB holding marriage results is already tamed by his adopter or Breeder who was successfully produced.

Sugar gliders wc can be obtained on the market of animals.

While the sugar glider breeder through the cb can be obtained through the information that has been unbelievable.


After the 4 points above are met, and we decided it was ready to adopt a Sugar Glider, the first thing that we have to provide before taking the sugar glider breeder or trader is Dr. cages and accessories.

Because after we pick it up, we will certainly put in the cage instead?

An ideal cage is a cage that is high and wide. Use for sugar gliders that float (as the name implies the glider) from the top down.

But if the Fund is also not allowed, we could buy at least 3 hamster cage floor.


What should be provided inside the enclosure?


* Certain is where to eat and drink.

Where to eat can be a bird or a bowl as for hamsters. Similarly, places to drink, but it is highly recommended to drink the place there are hamsters in his balls so as not to spill on the enclosure.

* Toys.

The toy was essentially between necessary and unnecessary. But if we want to give toys to let sugar gliders we are healthy and not obese because rarely exercise, we can give the wheel for hamsters, they are shaped like the bridge, accessories or items we make depend. Recommended don’t give toys at once at a time so that the toys/Accessories it is not just a decoration. Because sugar gliders you bored or confused as most. Input one by one those toys, let your sugar gliders are curious and tried it.

* Hidey or pouch

Hidey or pouch of your sugar gliders use to hide from the brightness of sunlight. Its shape can be varied as usual from coconut shell for birds, socks, perfume, site of the former House hamster, Bird House, etc.

Or you can create your own with a soft cloth.

Maybe this is the foundation that must be prepared before adopting Sugar gliders.

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