Tips on handling big and trained Sugar gliders So Fast Bonding

Before I start, I emphasize that his tips these tips might just fit for Sugar gliders which originally already benign or semi tame CB.


1. Feeding Handfeed.

Make it a habit to feed more often in order for Sugar gliders handfeed know that human hands are not for hurting.

How, then finger food with pokes to the position of the nail below, sign your finger to the Sugar Glider Sugar gliders, let him lick your hand.

Perhaps the most there are Sugar gliders are still afraid and will initially crabing, but after a while Sugar gliders will quickly become accustomed.


2. Put Sugar gliders in the hand or on the body.

This way more effectively taught since Sugar gliders are still Joey, because the reply since joey is familiar, then it will continue to be carried into adulthood.

Sugar gliders are already adults can also be taught but may be a bit difficult. Purpose is to make a quick Sugar gliders recalled by your scent.

How, can with grasping your Sugar gliders directly with both hands, or when Sugar gliders asleep inside the pouch, slowly raise your Sugar gliders without any sudden movements which could make Sugar gliders startled or awakened. When you fall asleep Sugar gliders in the hands or in the body, your Sugar gliders wipe gently so that the Sugar gliders you added more and feel comfortable. It could also give beds time Sugar gliders eat your Sugar gliders handfeed, because there are some Sugar gliders can eat while sleeping tablets.


3. Let the Sugar gliders playing in your body or in your room.

Occasional off your Sugar gliders is in bed in order to introduce the smell as well as your room and to reduce the stress on your Sugar gliders because always in the enclosure continuously, but it still remains to be under surveillance so that your Sugar gliders are not blurred out or go to in the under-under which you don’t want.

How, stayed eject your Sugar gliders from inside the enclosure. If Sugar gliders you still couldn’t silence like a blur of capture you immediately and always hover yourself to your Sugar gliders.


4. invite your Sugar gliders ground playing fields, parks, or page.

While in the great outdoors, we can teach you a few tricks like jumping from a tree or chasing us. But remember, the character assortment Sugar gliders, not all Sugar gliders can quickly obeyed so deal with it we must also be patient and diligent to train it.

Based on my experience, the better trained Sugar gliders to chase us from joey in order that the habit as adults will still continue to cling to.

How, to teach the Sugar gliders so that want to pursue that we first have to find a place without any extensive reply objects taller than you. While in the middle of the field that put his Sugar gliders below and then sign your hands while calling his name, Sugar gliders you God willing will start approaching and then go up to you. After that restart again but when his Sugar gliders began approaching venture retreated a little faster so that the Sugar gliders you pursue and rise to the hand.

Sugar gliders to train bounding from tree to us it has to be done gradually. First put the Sugar gliders in a tree that is not too high and still within your reach, let you explore the tree Sugar gliders, hover yourself to a tree while calling his name then let him jump towards you. At this stage need extra patience because not all Sugar gliders willing to obey the call of his owner. But according to my experience, the more we do, the more Sugar gliders we understand what we want.


5. cut the Nails Sugar gliders at regular intervals.

Cutting the nail when the nail is recommended Sugar Glider Sugar gliders began a long and disturbing activities between you and your Sugar gliders while playing together. Done at least once a week.

If you want to cut your Sugar gliders, nails will be easier if you need someone else to help. But you can try it yourself without the rocks if your Sugar gliders are already bonding, since the process will be easier.

How, first take a look at the near-near the nail of your Sugar gliders, there will be look like meat, don’t get cut off the meat, if the cut will make the Sugar gliders bloody agony felt, cut & part that the tip of a sharp bit. In order to make easier the process, make the Sugar gliders into the pouch and then grasping it, and then pull the legs of Sugar gliders are slowly while still in the pouch, and then quickly and accurately, cut the nails of your Sugar gliders.

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