Voices On Sugar Gliders

What are Sugar gliders reportedly Lovers?

and how well the news Sugar gliders you guys?

Hopefully healthy Yes!

BTW, this time I want to discuss about what the heck’s voice, which often issued by a Sugar Glider?

just Yes!


No one knows for sure why Sugar gliders this sound, but can try to understand by looking at circumstances surrounding, such as noise, air, etc. There are some cases which interpret this sound is a call to a couple, or even to seek the attention of the owner/landlord. There was also a recall vote this reply in out by the dominant Sugar gliders in the group, as a sign of warning danger!



It reads like a snoring cat and this can rarely be heard because it is very slow, it’s usually because she felt comfortable (specially for Sugar gliders who’ve bonding same owner/landlord). According to personal experience can be heard when the Sugar gliders love certain food, but her voice is not too tight.



This is a sound defensive, the only Sugar gliders defense when she feels threatened, but you guys don’t be afraid with this kind of Sound, personal experience, I always hold my Sugar gliders Crabing, the purpose is to make him understand my reply not a danger.



It reads much like the snake hiss, this is due to various conditions, some say it’s because of her constipation.

If it reads a little too long, it shows that she is not liking something.



It reads like a squirrel, usually heard every morning, there are also called it as a “good morning” to her owner!



This sound is usually issued by Joey (saplings of Sugar gliders) or Sugar Glider who recently occupied a new enclosure, as he takes his new adapt to the environment, such as family/mother Weeps over.



Moms Sugar gliders usually emits such a song for her babies when still in the pouch.



  • Mating: the sound is emitted when the Sugar gliders are kimpoi (mating) this sort of sound of the rituals, and take a long time, people sometimes consider it a fight, but, just wait for the time just after the hearing this sound, wait 16 days, and you guys will have Joey (kid) Sugar gliders in his mother’s pouch.
  • Fighting: sound similar when mating, but notice again more closely, because if it doesn’t last too long, it could be this is a quarrel … It will likely end in the death of one Sugar gliders.

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