What Is A Sugar Glider?

Sugar gliders or in latin Petaurus Breviceps Is a small Mammal that has pouches, which are active at night (Nocturnal).

Sugar gliders are also often referred to as the animal’s SAC, because he often cursed at his owner’s pockets.

Sugar gliders have a relative small body size with body size approx 24-40 cm, with a weight of 4-7 ounces, but there also are size and weight of his body above the average were categorized as Obese Sugar gliders.

The average life of a Sugar Glider is around 12 to 15 years. They are known for their friendly behavior, Their pets are active like jump, holding onto and slide. Sugar gliders need special care and attention. They can’t just be left without supervision, and the owner (owner) must also provide sufficient and constant care in the form of love and attention to the pet to stay healthy and friendly. Sugar gliders are wonderful pets as long as it is maintained and cared for properly and correctly.

They became good friends and tend to have a strong affinity with the owner in just a short span of time. Many people say that they are really fun to look at and are invited to play, because Sugar gliders this is an animal that is very familiar when he’s feeling safe and comfortable with things.

The shape of the face and the small size it would be easy to make Animal Lover directly want to adopt him.

And more interestingly away from the Sugar Glider, he comes from Indonesia, New Guinea, and the most unique of The cute this one is he has the Patagium, which served to Him Drifting in the air/Jump Around 1-2 metres.

Well that’s her explanation about animals that are Cute, so if after reading the article above you so keen to adopt it?

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